The Way of The Samouraï

by NFT Chocolate 🍫


1/1 - Polygon
20 Matic


A samurai embodies loyalty and courage to his master, his sword symbolising his unwavering commitment. Their battle is a mixture of death and dance, capturing their spirit through time. The Way of the Samurai is a collection of 20 NFT, deployed on the Polygon blockchain at a price of 20 Matic (approx. $22 + 2 Matic fees for Nifby).

Un samouraï incarne la loyauté et le courage envers son maître, son épée symbolisant son engagement indéfectible. Leur combat est mélange de mort et de danse capturant leur esprit à travers le temps. The Way of the Samouraï est une collection de 20 NFT, déployé sur la blockchain Polygon au prix de 20 Matic. (Environ 22$ + 2 Matic fees for Nifby)

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Marketplace Nifby
1/1 - 20 Matic
5 max by wallet